Here’s Everything You Need to Set Up Your Own Dating Software

Dating Software

The best dating software and all the tips and features you’ll need before embarking on a mission to set yourself up in the virtual world of dating.

There are millions of people all around the world hoping to meet the right person and the idea of being able to put them in touch with each other in the hope that they will find love and live happily ever after is very appealing. The development of dating software and online platforms has made this process much easier. 

How to Start a Dating Site

There are a number of things you need to consider when setting up a new dating site. These range from which dating software to use to how to plan the service you will provide for your clients. Here we list the essential factors you will need to take into account.

Good Planning

Like any new venture, when it comes to the question of how to start a dating site, a clear plan is key to success. It will help you to identify the specifics of your business, and may well uncover some unexpected essentials. Here are some of the important topics you will need to consider:

1. What will the business cost to set up and run?
2. What will be your target market?
3. What will you call your business?
4. How much money will you make?
5. Most importantly, what is the best dating software?

1. Money Matters

The cost of launching an online dating business will vary considerably, depending on the type of operation you have in mind. It’s possible to set up a basic dating website for under 1,000 €. This would take into account things like the purchase of a domain, the cost of software and the design of a suitable logo. 

For something more sophisticated, the cost could range from anywhere between 12,000 € and 50,000 € for the design of a brand new website. The higher price would, however, incorporate things, such as the software, logo, professionally written web pages and SEO.

Advertising would be another financial consideration, and promoting your site on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter would help increase brand awareness. Creating your own social media page would also be a good option.

The costs of running your operation may also vary considerably. This will depend on factors including the number of people you employ and how much you spend on advertising. Clearly, the more you can do yourself in terms of website design and interpreting analytics, the lower the costs will be. 

2. The Right Target Audience

Any expert answering the question of how to start a dating site would strongly recommend that you identify your target market. This will allow you to tailor your visual presence and promotional activities to the people you wish to attract. 

It’s generally accepted that 25-35 year-olds make the best customers, as they are more likely to be still searching for a long-term relationship.

3. What’s in a name?

A lot, because the name that you give to your new business is critical to its potential success. An unsuitable name can put potential customers off before they’ve even looked at what you have to offer. On the other hand, a strong name with a clear association can make marketing your brand a whole lot easier.

Keep it simple: To avoid confusion, keep the spelling of your name straightforward. Clever spelling and wordplay can be effective, but they have to be smart to be appealing, and not quite achieving that could be disastrous. Of course, you do not want people constantly misspelling your name, so simplicity wins here.

What your name says: Your business name doesn’t necessarily need to explain exactly what you do but, ideally, there should be some sort of connection. The message you send should be attractive and positive and preferably relate to relationships. The more your name chimes with your mission statement, the easier it will be to optimize your brand.

Don’t limit yourself: Though a business may have begun by selling paperclips, naming it Paperclips ‘R’ Us may limit its potential to sell other types of stationery. Likewise, even if you are initially based in a specific area, avoid using it in the name of your business. Give yourself room to grow.

Make it catchy: The best business names are appealing and memorable, so make sure yours isn’t hard to pronounce or clumsy. When you’ve picked a handful of names you like, test them out on family and friends and see which comes out on top. There are plenty of resources available online, too, so make sure you use them.

Internet search: When you find a name you like, scour the web to see if anyone else is using the same name. If they are, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t, but it might be worth looking at some other choices. You don’t want to be confused with another business, and it may prove problematic in the long run.

Dot com is best: When considering how to start a dating site, acquiring the right domain name is important. While there’s nothing wrong with alternatives like .net or .org, customers tend to put more trust in a .com business. Your preferred .com name will probably have been bought already, but many owners are willing to sell – for the right price, of course.

4. Generating Income

How much money you are likely to make is another crucial variable. Attracting paying clients will initially be a challenge. If your income is based on a monthly subscription, you may need to entice early users with a free trial. When the site is up and running, regular offers and discounts are a good way to build your database.

If you’re going to offer free membership, you will need to look at other ways to generate income. This could include encouraging customers to pay for extras, add-ons, or getting revenue from affiliate advertising or a similar kind of scheme.

5. How to Choose the Dating Software that Works for You


If you mention the phrase CD-ROM to a lot of people below a certain age, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about. However, it isn’t really that long since that was the way software was installed. Now, with internet access on almost any device anywhere in the world, things are very different.

With the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, installation has become a thing of the past, and software is now available for everyone, wherever the internet can be accessed. This has been a game-changer, with SaaS offering lower risks for start-ups and making it easier and quicker to turn a profit.

When looking at how to start a dating site, the question of which dating software to use is critical. The software is the platform – in every sense of the word – on which your business will be based.

When choosing your dating software, there are numerous aspects you might want to consider. Here are three of the most important:

1. Cost
2. Simple Setup
3. Ongoing Flexible

1. Cost

No matter what your situation, when setting up a new business, the cost will always be a consideration. Naturally, you want the right dating software, but a significant initial outlay will limit your spend on things like design and promotion. SaaS does not involve license fees, which brings cost benefits for investors.

One of the key questions we’re asking is how to start a dating site, and one of the key answers is, find the right dating software, but make sure it’s also the right price.

2. Simple Setup

Along with the advantage of low-risk investment, SaaS offers simplicity in terms of initial setup, with no requirement to install the dating software. SaaS can be implemented quickly and easily, and once you’ve chosen your provider, you can be offering your service to clients as soon as you like.

The internet is becoming increasingly user friendly, and SaaS is helping to facilitate this. In turn, this is benefiting new users all over the world. It has been recognised that the simplicity of Saas offers businesses a smoother route to a higher return on investment.

3. Ongoing Flexibility

Only a few years ago, upgrading software often involved the purchase of separate CD updates or a monthly rental scheme where updates were included. All of this involved both technical intervention and further outlay. However, with SaaS, all updates are carried out independently, allowing business owners to avoid the hassle of additional installations.

The flexibility of SaaS also means that some dating software options can be tailored to suit a customer’s specific requirements. This allows you to more easily provide your clients with the sort of choices they want, and to promote yourself as a business that offers this kind of flexibility.


Another option that has evolved quickly is Platform as a Service (PaaS), which also provides businesses with a solution featuring faster processes that come at a lower cost. Once again, efficiency and flexibility are key, allowing both large and small businesses a better chance to prosper.

In the past, companies often had to build and develop applications for themselves. This required resources in terms of skills, specialised software, security and server space. Although many companies still work this way, the development of PaaS has provided a more attractive alternative option.

Since Platform as a Service is cloud-based, applications within your dating software can be built with the kind of speed and efficiency that can’t be found elsewhere.

More Information

A number of resources are available online on the subject of how to start a dating site. Some of these will provide you with more detailed technical information on some of the topics we’ve covered here.

Websites such as are already playing their part in providing a much-needed service for people across the globe who are looking to connect. If you’re wondering how to start a dating site yourself, can help. is itself a social platform and community, whose aim is to connect the millions of Albanians currently living and working everywhere across the globe.

The company’s suite of powerful communication tools helps members meet, build a stronger network and create a better dating experience. You, too, could be a part of that.

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