Currently we're in the planning phase of our Series A funding.

After successfully launching, the first product of the dua AG and closing both Seed Rounds (I + II), we're now planning towards the Series A funding in early 2021.
If you want to hear more about dua AG or be notified in advance about our upcoming Series A funding, please contact us directly:

Seed Round l

600.000 / 600.000 €

Strategic Investment I

950.000 / 950.000 €

Seed Round lI

210.000 / 210.000 €

Total Investment

1.760.000 / 1.760.000 €

Why investing in dua AG?

The mission of giving each and every community their own community matchmaking platform, indicates a highly attractive potential of growth. From matchmaking for dating purposes, business purposes to humanitarian purposes, the possibilities of matchmaking solutions are everywhere.

The solution to global communities

When members of unique communities are spread all over the world they all have one problem in common: It's difficult to find other members outside of the geographical roots. Be it on Facebook, Instagram or Tinder, it's difficult to match, connect and start a conversation with likeminded people when not being home.

Our Target Partners

Large Diasporas
Countries with a large and widely spread diaspora have members all over the world, which are missing their unique platform. Matchmaking, connecting and growing together is currently difficult.
Global Communities
From gaming to non-governmental organization, each community, which has members all over the world is missing their designated matchmaking platform.

Currently at

1 Established Partnership

Quantity of partners, which have already launched a app.

3 Conceptual Partnerships

Quantity of partners, which are currently in the concept phase for their designated matchmaking app.

2 Requests for Partnerships

Quantity of partners, which requested a first draft.

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