Meet the Matchmakers

Get to know the people behind Our creative and technical team.

Valon Asani

Chief Executive Officer

Larklind Cerkezi

Co-Founder, Chief Product Owner

Yllka Abdullahu

Business Development Officer

Christen Oesterbye

Board Member / Investor

Where we come from

Coming from a Diaspora

Both co-founders were born and raised in the Albanian diaspora and grew up with the problem of missing connectivity between members.

Technical and Marketing Combined

The executive team includes years of experience in IT, app development and all different kind of marketing. All in one.

The Vision is Not Stopping at Matchmaking

The matchmaking solution is only the beginning of a journey, which will end up strengthening our individual communities.

Giving Matchmaking Apps to Every Global Community.

It all starts with a match. Therefore global communities require designated matchmaking platforms.